13Data and analytics are all we do. DigiCloud gets you the right blend of technology and business know-how to propel your business forward and keep you ahead of the competition.

Traditional analytical techniques and tools can disguise critical insights due to oversimplification of the output display model. DigiCloud approach retains the essential integrity of your dataset, ensuring that you can see critical subgroups and patterns.

Introducing A New Approach For Uncovering Hidden Insights

You are a problem solver by nature– finding valuable insights within noisy data is your speciality.

services7 There are several tools at your disposal, but as your datasets become increasingly complex with many thousands of variables, today’s analytical tools seem to quickly reach their practical limits.

There isn’t one method that can take all statistical and machine learning techniques and automatically apply them to your dataset in one pass.

DigiCloud core engine utilizes topological data analysis (TDA), a technique pioneered by our founders to simplify the analysis of complex, multi-variate datasets. Topology provides a mathematical framework for applying a complete range of statistical, geometric, and machine learning methods, revealing insights from the geometry of your data.

Our revolutionary technology can deliver the most thorough insights from your data at unprecedented speeds. With DigiCloud software, you can segment populations more precisely, identify subtle signals, and better detect anomalies in your data. By automatically revealing these hidden insights, DigiCloud software frees you to spend time on what you do best: creatively applying advanced analytics to solve your most pressing business problems.

To dig a little deep on our approach we suggest TDA and Machine Learning: Better Together.   Finally, check out our published papers on the resources section of the website.  We are not big on data science competitions, we are however, big on actual data science.  As a result, we provide our software to academics, thought leaders and foundations to find cures to diseases, track weapon sales, understand migration patterns in war zones and monitor progressive.